Hi, i'm Jonas, i'm brazilian, and i'm big fan of Beautiful Creatures. Hope you enjoy this tumblr as much is i like this tumblr :)
Oi, eu sou Jonas, sou brasileiro, e um grande fã da saga Beautiful Creatures. Espero que goste deste tumblr tanto quanto eu gosto. :)


Troian Bellisario and Alice Englert. Sundance 2013.


“The right thing and the easy thing are never the same.” 


Troian Bellisario Icons. If you used, credit to @BonusJonasHere


This is my favorite music, and this video is mine. I hope you enjoy as much as I do <3 

Hey, Caster, can u follow my blog? Thanks!!

Hey, this a sideblog, but I can follow you with my tumblr :) 

I made a Ridley video on youtube!It's called Trouble||Ridley Duchannescheck it out if you want!

OMG! I just saw this video and then immediately went on tumblr, and saw her ask! The video was magnificent, hahaha <3 I love this song, and Ridley is really a trouble, hahaha.

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